Why choose flat roof houses

Advantages and disadvantages of flat roofs

Every home buyer has a vision for his/her dream home, a flat roof could be a perfect choice for you. Although they require more attention, anyone can have a functional beautiful flat roof with the right builder. If you are planning to buy or build one, it is essential to know flat roof advantages and disadvantages


  • Provide extra space

Flat roof houses have added space at the top that homeowners or builders can play with by turning into a mini garden, entertainment area, Terrance, a rooftop lounge area or gazebo.

  • Cool houses

Flat roofed houses are always cool houses. The reflective colors and sealer protect the building from heat buildup and harmful UV rays while  roofing materials and membranes reduce temperatures inside  the house. That’s why flat roofed houses are preferred in hot areas like Kitengela.

  • More Accessible

They are easier to climb up to inspect and are much safer and substantially more stable.

  • Flat roofs are durable

If durability is important to you, the flat roof is just the system for you. Flat roof is water resistant and also holds against heavy winds. They also have fewer damages and repair cost over lifespan of the roof

  • Privacy

Flat roofs offer privacy and conducive space for outdoor activities and sleeping.

  • Maintenance

Flat roofs often require more maintenance throughout the life of the roof. The drainage requires regular inspection to prevent clogging which might lead to damage and leaks.

The choice is yours!!
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